What happens when the law about my will or power of attorney changes?

North Carolina recently changed the statutes the involved regarding Power of Attorney, repealing the forms and replacing them with new ones.  What does this mean for people who already have a Power of Attorney paperwork completed and notarized? First, you should always consult a lawyer to know specifics for you situation.  Most times the state … More What happens when the law about my will or power of attorney changes?

Funeral Plans

Please do not put your wishes for your funeral plans in your will.  Wills are often read after plans are made for funerals or in some cases after the funeral has happened.  If you have special wishes for your funeral, please keep them in a safe place and make sure people know you have made … More Funeral Plans

Major Life Events

Wills and Estate plans are not a document that should be done once and never looked at again.  When a major life event happens you should review your will and estate plan to make sure it is still what you want.  For example, if you had a will created and then you get married and … More Major Life Events

NC – How Personal Property is Probated

In the state of North Carolina if a person dies and does not have a will, they are considered intestate.  The North Carolina General Statues Chapter 29 states how a person’s estate will be distributed. Personal Property (meaning everything except real estate) explains how the estate is distributed if there is a surviving spouse. Below … More NC – How Personal Property is Probated