NC – How Personal Property is Probated

In the state of North Carolina if a person dies and does not have a will, they are considered intestate.  The North Carolina General Statues Chapter 29 states how a person’s estate will be distributed. Personal Property (meaning everything except real estate) explains how the estate is distributed if there is a surviving spouse. Below … More NC – How Personal Property is Probated

Power of Production

With the hype about COVID-19 happening right now, I am taking the best advice to not panic, use good hygiene, and my internal lawyer voice is all excited about the “power of production” and “power to quarantine” that may or may not be used. Below is my basic attempt at explaining what these two powers … More Power of Production

Risk Management Alert

My malpractice insurance company has issued a warning this week. While I do not practice real estate law, I would like to share the alert. I have no details on the developing matters, and encourage you to talk to your real estate lawyer if you have concerns related to this mortgage company.