My family & friends know what I want done!

Why do I need a will, my family and friends know what I want done with my stuff?  People, often believe that just telling family and friends is good enough and they don’t need a will.  That is not the best thinking and may not hold when your estate is being probated by the courts because you do not have a will.

Telling friends and family what items you want someone to have, or what you want done with your belongings when you die is not how to make a will.  The only way to assure that your friend will get the fish rods (or whatever item you two bonded over) is by putting that in writing in a will.  Telling your cousins that they will get grandma’s dinning room table, is not legally binding.  Heaven forbid your friends and family argue over items or money, without a will the court will most likely distribute your assets according to how the state has decided you would want your items given to your heirs.

In North Carolina Chapter 29 of the North Carolina General Statutes explains what happens to the belongings of a person who does not have a will.  A lawyer can help make sure that your belonging go to the friends and family you want by preparing your will.

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