Virtual Lawyer vs. Mobile Lawyer

What is the difference between a virtual lawyer and a mobile lawyer?  The simple answer is that a mobile lawyer is unteathered from a specific office location, whereas a virtual lawyer is delivering legal services to clients online.

A mobile lawyer meets a client at the client’s home or office.  A mobile lawyer may do some legal work by email, cellphone, laptop or tablet.  A mobile lawyer will NOT deliver legal services online.  A mobile lawyer will meet with the client when legal services are being delivered.

A virtual lawyer are mobile lawyers, plus they deliver legal services online.  A virtual lawyer will establish the lawyer-client relationship through a secure client-portal.  A virtual lawyer delivers the legal services online.  A virtual lawyer may never meet their client in person, instead they may only do virtual meetings, phone calls, and has legal services delivered through a secure client portal.

The Law Offices of Michaella Levandoski, PLLC is a mobile practice.  Lawyer-client relationships are NOT established online, and we will meet the client in person when delivering legal services.  Not all meetings need to be done in person, but there will be a meeting when the lawyer-client relationship is established, traditionally a second meeting will take place when legal services are delivered.  Conversations and questions may take place over the phone and email, but legal services will not be delivered online.  Having a mobile practice, allows for The Law Offices of Michaella Levandoski, PLLC to keep overhead costs to a minimum and provide reasonably priced legal services to all clients.


Information on definitions and services about Virtual Lawyers and Mobile Lawyers came from this March 2017 ABA Journal article by Richard S. Granat.

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