New Year means review estate plan

Happy New Year!

As the new year starts this is a great time to review your estate planning documents (will, health care power of attorney, durable power of attorney, and/or living will). Many people create these documents, stick them in a safe place, and never review them.  It is important to periodically review estate planning documents to make sure that your current wishes are still what your documents state.

Have your children grown and no longer need a guardian? Are your children still minors who need a guardian, and is the guardian you selected back then still the best option to take care of them? Have items you singled out to family or friends already been given to them? Have you changed your mind about who should get the family heirloom, or your car?  Do you still want your oldest child to make healthcare decisions, or another child better suited to do that?  If so, it is time to update your documents.

Estate documents are not something that should be completed as part of a checklist and then never reviewed again.  Estate documents are to help your loved ones carry out your wishes and your decisions when you are not there to tell them what you want.  As people grow and situations change estate documents may need to be updated to reflect your current wishes and desires.

If you live in the state of North Carolina and are looking to start or update your estate planning documents please contact the The Law Offices of Michaella Levandoski, PLLC,  once we check to make sure there are no conflicts of interests we would be happy to help.

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