Social Media Access After Death

When a loved one dies the social media accounts are still active for that person. Family members may wish to gain access to their social media accounts to keep the account going, or get photos and videos their loved one stored on the platform.

However, getting access to social media accounts for a deceased family member is not as easy as it sounds. The Daily Mail recently published an article about how Facebook is not letting parents access accounts for their deceased children. This is not the only instance of a parent or family member trying to get access to deceased account. Instagram states that even with proof of death they will not provide login information. While Instagram will allow an account to be memorialized or removed with proper proof, it does not provide the deceased’s estate access to the account.  This could be a problem.

Social media platforms and a person’s account on those platforms are an area that need to be considered when planning for your estate. Who should have access to that account? Who should be contacting the platform? An estate planner can craft wording to help your estate manage social media platforms. Social media and digital assets are something that should be considered and incorporated into your estate plan. Please see a local lawyer to review your estate planning documents (Will, Power of Attorney, etc.) to make sure that social media and digital assets are included.

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