Judges – should not be R or D

Waiting until after a Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) nominee had been confirmed and ballots have been cast this lawyer wants to put a plea out to the country. Judges should not be R or D when people get to vote on them. In reviewing the confirmation hearing for now Justice Barret it was noted that she was not challenged for being a Republican or Democrat but her judicial philosophy was being questioned by the senators.  Judges really should not be seen as Republican or Democrat, because while a judicial philosophy is usually associated with a political party it is not always the case. Spark Notes has a nice chart about judicial philosophy an Legal Information Institute (LII) has some great definitions on how Constructionists view the law and how judges should interpret them.

As an informed voter it would be incredibly more helpful to know what judicial philosophy the judge being voted for has. That being said it probably wont happen that the ballots will replace R or D with (originalist or constructionist). Please think about that for the next SCOTUS nomination and any local judge being elected. Watch what the judge says is the role of the judicial branch and see if it matches your view of what you want the judicial branch to be.

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